I love followers who actually get to know me.


After all, the point of tumblr is getting to know others and share the human experience through a medium in which it’s harder for me to hate you.

What Ian said.

10, 16, 17

10. What is your favorite scent?

I love it when I get out of the house on a summer evening and it just stopped raining. It’s like the whole world took a bath and now it’s all fresh and clean after sweating like a pig all day. That’s my favorite scent.

16. Describe your bedroom.

So, my bedroom is the place where I spend most of my time. There’s a huge bed in the middle of it which is important because although I don’t sleep very easily or well, when I do I need to be comfortable. During the day there’s always some clothes on there as well as the books I’m currently reading.
Besides books my book shelf is full of all kinds of stuff including a little plastic Pikachu and a porcelain figurine of a cat with a tiara on its head.
Probably most important apart from my books and my PC are the pictures on my wall. There’s a Broship of the Ring sketch by gingerhaze, an illustration by boneface, some pixel art by pixelatedcrown, a great watercolor portrait by birteluehmann, two of my own paintings and some postcards I really like.

17. What is something you find romantic?

I don’t care much for romance in my life, at least not in the Valentine’s Day sort of sense. To me it’s much more romantic to spend the day in bed with my girlfriend, watch some movies and have some food. But maybe that’s because I’m a lazy fuck.